SMART Audio scheme


Using a multi-story building as an example, the following diagram illustrates the limitless possibilities of the SMART Audio System in various settings such as shopping stores, hotels, offices, gastronomy, etc.



This example shows a multi-zone system with three different music sources. The playback is provided by 2 SMARTstreamers through the local network: from the technical room via the switch to individual SMARTplayers (radio transmitters at 1.9 GHz) on each floor.


  • The SMARTplayers transmit the content to the SMARTspeakers.
  • On the 3rd floor, a DJ inputs his music directly into the transmitter (cinch RCA) for a live event.
  • While the music is transmitted from the transmitters to the speakers via interference-free 1.9 GHz, the entire music system is controlled through the existing LAN or WLAN using a PC or iOS/Android app for smartphones.
  • Additionally, an unlimited number of volume groups can be set up via SMARTplayer, such as cash desk, sales area, dressing room, office 1, office 2, restaurant, etc., and controlled separately in volume as a group.
  • Finally, the corresponding link of each volume group can be copied and provided to the responsible person for that area. They can then adjust the volume of that area but cannot access the rest of the music system, which is password-protected.