Shop, Bar, Hairsalon

Project requirement #

One audio source and one sales area

Used SMART devices #

  • 1 x SMARTplayer
  • any number of SMARTspeakers

SMARTplayer without Software #

Power up the SMARTplayer, connect it to an audio source and start it. Then put the SMARTplayer in pairing mode. Now mount the speakers. As soon as the respective loudspeaker is switched on, it immediately connects to the SMARTplayer and plays the music. Finally, end the pairing mode. The blue LED lights up continuously.

SMARTplayer with Software #

Power up the SMARTplayer and connect it to your network. Connect an audio source and start it. Open the NewTec SMART WebApp via any browser. (If desired) now create all groups whose volume you want to control later independently of each other. Then put the SMARTplayer into pairing mode and mount the loudspeakers “in groups” by only installing the respective loudspeakers in a group and then immediately assigning them to the group concerned via the software.