SMARTstreamer installation

Plugin #

Plug in the SMARTstreamer using the supplied power adapter. Now connect your desired audio source (IN).

Integration into local network #

Then connect the SMARTstreamer to the network using a LAN cable and check the Ethernet socket. As soon as the blue LED lights up continuously, the SMARTstreamer is set up and is sending music into the network (the LED does not light up as long as no music is fed in to be sent!). Requirement: The network uses automatic address assignment (DHCP).

Play #

Start playing music. The orange control LED “Audio” starts to light up. The fed-in music is now fed into the network on CHANNEL 1. You can now set the maximum volume directly on your audio source or via remote control by aiming at the SMARTstreamer and pressing Vol +/-.

The music is available to all SMART players in the network. Start the SMART WebApp and select CHANNEL 1 as the source in LIVE mode.

Check out the LED Status control description