Tips and tricks

General #

If the sales areas span goes across multiple floors or the spaces are extensive, as is the case in shopping centers, the use of multiple SMARTplayers is necessary. Given the considerable range of the wireless signal, we strongly recommend following these steps to ensure that the desired speakers are properly connected to their respective SMARTplayers, guaranteeing a swift and seamless setup process.

Set up multiple SMARTplayers #

First power the first SMARTplayer 1, connect it to an audio source and start it. Put the SMARTplayer 1 into pairing mode and mount ONLY the speakers that are to be connected to it. As soon as the loudspeakers in question are connected to SMARTplayer 1, quit pairing mode and repeat this process with SMARTplayer 2 and respective speakers, and so on.

Important: While setting up the SMARTplayer 2, keep the recently configured SMARTplayer 1 powered on and in Normal mode (steady blue LED). Do not turn off SMARTplayer 1 under any circumstances. This will prevent a previously connected speaker from logging into SMARTplayer 2, which is currently in pairing mode, if it hasn’t detected SMARTplayer 1 for an extended period of time.