The current setting is displayed here in percent, which is set using the master volume controller.


When the two icons light up orange, the SMARTstreamer is receiving the audio signal from the selected source.


The SMARTstreamer is muted. The command is executed until you click again or the device is restarted.


This sets the master volume of the music source that is sent to the network by the SMARTstreamer. This volume is usually set to 100% as it passes the input signal on without attenuation. The volume control to the loudspeakers is then carried out via SMARTplayer.

TIP: If you want to reduce the maximum playback volume of the connected SMARTplayer, you can do so here.


The standard setting of the SMARTstreamer is Analog IN and plays the music source that is connected to the device using the supplied audio cable (cinch inputs). Usually these are the content PCs of the relevant music provider. However, other sources can also be selected or new sources can be set up in the Settings tab, such as Internet radios, etc.